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Platform Overview
AllRounds Finance

AllRounds Finance Management is an advanced on-demand finance management platform that enables companies to more effectively plan, analyze, structure and close financing rounds. AllRound's Finance Management creates a unified platform to manage, streamline, and accelerate the entire capital-raising process.

The platform provides the user with real-time decision support and automated workflows for all phases of the private capital financing process. The system incorporates sophisticated analytics to evaluate funding and exit scenarios, analyze dilution impacts, payouts and returns, structure financing, perform 409A valuations, manage capitalization, and manage investor relations.


AllRounds is designed with an intuitive interface that provides real-time, easy access to comprehensive financial data. Portals can be configured to provide investor participants online access to specific data required for transactions and investor reporting. The system provides the sophisticated analytics and workflows to streamline, optimize and more effectively manage private capital investments and transactions.

  • Powerful, easy to use Analytics for evaluating investment and funding scenarios, payouts and risk 
  • Robust Capitalization Management for accurate Cap Tables & comprehensive stock administration
  • Sophisticated Valuation tools for 409A valuations & return analysis
  • Complete Deal Management with Data Room to track financing opportunities and manage transaction data
  • Private Investor Portals for streamlined investor communication

A smarter way to manage capital raises.

The following applications provide the necessary workflow for companies to manage the capital raising and planning process prior to, during and post financing. 

Deal Management

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Deal Management

Key Components

  • Embedded CRM

  • Opportunity & Pipeline Management

  • Deal Scoring 

  • Sector Weighting

  • Indications of Interest Management

  • Term Sheet Management

  • Data Room

AllRounds Deal Management combines powerful traditional CRM with the unique requirements of private capital to provide a comprehensive system for sourcing, analyzing and managing investment opportunities. 


The system enables investors to customize and manage the stages of investment review as well as manage the due diligence process and associated documents for each investment. Deal Management provides superior insight into pipelines and target investments with the ability to track and analyze detailed market analytics and company financial data, including total addressable market, sector weighting, deal scoring and forecast vs actual comparison and capitalization information.

Capitalization & Financing Management

Key Components

  • Cap Table Management

  • Security Issuance/ Tranche Management

  • Liquidation Pref/Economic Rights

  • Stock Administration

  • Vesting Management

  • Board Approval Grant management

  • Convertible Debt Modeling

  • Proposed Rounds of Financing

Capitalization Management is designed to provide accurate capitalization and financial information on-demand. It enables comprehensive management of a company's capital structure and modeling of proposed financing structures. Capitalization Management provides the capability to track security issuances, options and stock grants, exercise transactions as well as security class rights and economic terms of securities that affect payouts and returns. Powerful scenario capabilities allow creation and analysis of proposed financing rounds (debt and/or equity) to facilitate optimal financing strategies and transaction structuring. 

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Key Components

  • Capitalization Analytics

  • Valuation (PWERM, OPM)

  • Payout & Breakpoint Analysis By Security 

  • Investor Return Analysis 

  • IRR and Backsolve for Target Returns

  • Scenario Analysis for Proposed Financing

  • Portfolio Valuation

  • Forecast vs Actual Valuations

  • Dilution Analysis

  • Complex Debt Conversion Analytics

The valuation module provides powerful on-demand enterprise valuation and individual investment valuation analysis based on the option pricing method. AllRounds provides companies with the flexibility to model proposed future financings that include proposed options/warrants/securities issuances, exercise of options/warrants and conversion of convertible debt. The analytics allow the investor to use the ‘backsolve’ method to determine the required enterprise value in order to achieve a share price target for a security. The system also provides users with the ability to group investors and determine their IRR or determine what the company needs to exit with to achieve a target return.


With the Valuation Module, companies have the ability to incorporate future financing, time to liquidity assumptions and probability of each exit scenario to determine expected values. In combination with the financial statements, the user can estimate enterprise value based on forecasted or actuals financial metrics ( Revenue, EBITDA etc) and comparables. Scenario analysis can include proposed financings, conversion of derivatives and convertible debt. Additionally, AllRounds calculates all “in-the-money” options/warrants including time based warrant schedule and converts convertible debt based on future financings and ‘Price Caps’ and discount from future share prices.

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Capitalization Management

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Trading & Liquidity Management

Key Components

  • Primary Issuance

  • Secondary Trades

  • Liquidity Program Management

  • Syndication

  • Bid -Ask Management

  • Integrated Capitalization and Financials

  • Valuation Analytics

  • Escrow and Closing Management

AllRounds Trading provides clients with a primary and secondary trading platform. The platform can be used by investors to manage security sales or companies to manage liquidity programs. 


The module enables primary trading where investors buy new securities from companies and secondary trading where investors buy and sell with other investors. Accompanying the trading platform are the analytic tools that investors require to determine value and potential returns based on future dilution, company operating performance, and capitalization analytics.


With AllRounds, the investor can determine dilution based on future financings, analyze exits values based on probability-weighted option pricing methods and compare exit scenarios. Investors have the transparency and analytic tools necessary to determine value based on the specific economic terms of the underlying securities including liquidation preference, participation and conversion rights and anti-dilution provisions.


In addition, investors can access the company's investment deal data room that provides financials, capitalization, and investment documents. AllRounds Trading also provides escrow management to allow for the exchange of funds and securities between buyers and sellers.


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Investor Relations

Key Components

  • Configurable Portals for Investors and Service Providers

  • On-demand Information Access

  • Company performance reporting

  • Investment Valuation

AllRounds Investor Relations Management is designed to manage and streamline the broad spectrum of financial reporting and communication requirements in the private capital markets . From Company financial reporting to Fund Reporting, the system provides secure portals that can be configured to facilitate on-demand information flows to Investors, and Service Providers. 

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Investor Relations
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